Predictive Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve.


In today’s fast moving business arena, the ability to identify and deploy data driven business insights is a major competitive advantage. It can help enterprises laser focus on potential opportunities and threats, improve and accelerate the decision making process, and reduce uncertainties.


Scintel’s Prophesy is the predictive analytics platform of choice for rapid, large-scale deployments with minimal data scientist and IT support at a reasonable cost. It breaks the constraints commonly faced by businesses by allowing their data scientists and business analysts to:

Focus on business objectives instead of technical challenges.

Generate predictive models in hours or days, not weeks or months.

Rapidly iterate through multiple analyses.

Easily connect to existing systems.

Business Benefits

Using Scintel’s Prophesy platform for predictive analytics, enterprises can derive business benefits across the value chain. A short list of examples would include:

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Profitability Growth

Increase conversion rates; increase retention rates; improve cross-selling and upselling; optimize promotion and marketing costs.


Identify products with high returns and write-offs; identify customers with high support needs/costs; align support staff with customer and product flow.


Determine the impact of pricing on sales and profitability. Identify drivers of price sensitivity.

Customer IQ

Customer IQ gives you the power to get insights into your customers based on the role that you play at your Company. Different roles in your Company can use varied views of customer insights to get a better understanding of their customer base. Learn how General Managers and Marketing Executives can leverage Strategy Insights to improve customer retention and profitability.

General Managers

Let Data and Analytics objectively tell you the revenue risks and potential profit shortfall. Find the reasons behind those risks as well as customer mitigation strategies.

Marketing Executives

You have a wealth of information about your customers, which is helpful in understanding who is happy or unhappy; which type of products or product features your loyal customer like.

Revenue Risk

Predicted revenue for the next quarter is a nice to know metric, especially if it is expected to decrease so it can be managed proactively instead of reactively as is the current norm.

Churn Risk

Customer churn is a reality in every business, but customer defections no longer need to be considered as a cost of doing business.

Profit Risk

Your customers are diverse, as is their profitability contribution to your business. Predicting their profitability in advance can assist in improving your bottom line in multiple ways by decreasing volatility.

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