Prophesy 5.0 Release

August 10, 2019

Scintel brings you another release of Prophesy this year. Version 5.0 gives you many more features and UX improvements like Prescriptive Analysis, Data Quality Checker, Insights Management, Connectivity with Azure Data Lake and some New Analytical Models to make even better decisions.

What’s New:

  • Improvements in I/O – Autocomplete feature, multicolumn support, easier management of flow runs, adding multiple table sources in a single go, deletes data only if it is not used in any operation flow.
  • Test file generated in I/O can be consumed in Core without download.
  • Improvements in Privacy – Facility to delete solutions, flows and flow runs.
  • New in Web Services – Support for JSON Format, APIs to retrieve Influencers and Insights data.

Prescriptive Analysis: Prophesy 5.0 brings to the fore scenario planning by enabling business users to create multiple versions of the future and analyze potential impact on the business. This rich and powerful functionality is made available to the user in an extremely user friendly manner.

  • Creating a new simulation is easy and rapid.
  • The potential business impact of the simulation can be compared to historical and predicted data.
  • Simulations can be created on multiple dimensions simultaneously.
  • Within one dimension, intuitive UI makes it easy to build a What If scenario.
  • You have the choice to select from multiple data redistribution strategies.
  • The simulations can be triggered across the entire training set or a defined subset.

Data Quality Checker: Prophesy 5.0 introduces a built-in Data Quality Checker that is useful to

  • Investigate quality of raw data sources from the point of view of analysis.
  • Every observation in a given raw data set is checked for completeness, consistency, and compliance and every feature is given a quality score. This score provides a quantitative measure to gauge quality of data sources and decide their usefulness in data science driven analytics.
  • This is especially useful to check quality of huge datasets having millions of observations.

New Analytical Models: Prophesy already has a rich catalog of predictive models and algorithms. The 5.0 release added two new models to this rich catalog- Support Vector Machines and Neural Networks. This enhances Prophesy’s breadth to deeply analyze observations with numerous textual values as well as complex and layered relationships between independent and dependent variables.

About Scintel Analytics

Scintel Analytics is a full service analytics consulting firm focused on helping companies make better decisions, faster. Prophesy, our predictive analytics platform, is used by our clients to solve a variety of business problems, such as customer churn, margin compression, predicting sales performance etc. To find out how Prophesy can be applied to your business, email us at

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