Prophesy 4.4 Release

November 27, 2018

Scintel recently released Version 4.4 of Prophesy. We have added significant new functionality as well as many performance and usability improvements.

Prophesy I/O software can now be used in a self-service mode. This software was previously used in custom implementations, tackling hundreds of millions of records, and as part of this release, we are putting the power of this software in hands of end users.

  1. Connectors to additional databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL),
    non-relational data stores (Mongo DB, Hadoop) and file systems
    (Amazon S3 objects, CSV)
  2. Most of the data transformation required for Data Science projects can be conducted in Prophesy I/O – a cloud native and web friendly software

Improved Deployment

Prophesy now supports 1-click hot deployment to deploy the predictive solutions from Prophesy platform onto Prophesy Runtime.  As part of previous releases, predictive solution and models can be deployed on any machine using Prophesy runtime which is light weight and is optimized for quick response times.

Improved reporting of errors and warnings 

To improve self-service ability, we have expanded the error and warning message catalog to over 900 messages that give a better picture of failure conditions if there are any. With this improved reporting, user can trouble shoot many issues themselves before calling support.

Parallel Processing

We further improved the multi-node processing abilities of Prophesy for heavy computational needs, reducing analysis time of larger datasets.  Now the software can scale across larger server farms if there is any need.

Insights (Patterns) management

Improved management of insights and ability to download data related to patterns quickly.

About Scintel Analytics

Scintel Analytics is a full service analytics consulting firm focused on helping companies make better decisions, faster. Prophesy, our predictive analytics platform, is used by our clients to solve a variety of business problems, such as customer churn, margin compression, predicting sales performance etc. To find out how Prophesy can be applied to your business, email us at

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